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Fruit machine? High-tech video slot? The debate rages on

    Classic vs. Video slots -- 3-reel vs. 5-reel online casino games

    Many differences about the classic games and video slot games are easy to spot. The classic slots not only give a window into the days of glory of the old-style one-armed bandits that were seen in countless films and images of Las Vegas casinos over the years. They had such a simple premise about playing the reels.

    Classic slots are often called fruit machines, 3-reel slots and even fruit slots. There’s no limit to the classic games being just 3 reels since there are some 5 reel classic slots that are within the same category as the classic era that is included. They’re usually filled with fruit images, bars, and forms of extras such as nudges and holds. They don’t include the same kinds of paylines that are seen on video slots and the graphics are very simple. But that’s the draw to classics since the games back then were simple.

    Newer video slots have advanced into very sophisticated glossy echoes of the classic versions. They have higher graphic content and are even including bonus games that cover the arcade style video games with neat touches filled with fancy animations and driving musical beats.

    They still have the feel of the old games since the game is also meant to be fun. Whatever the subject, whatever the theme, it still has something to give the player.

    The one difference between the two versions is that the playing amount is increased with video slots. Paylines can range from five to 1043 lines that allow wagers to be placed. The level of fancy graphics is also going toward the newer 3D slots which give even more entertainment to the video slot experience. Nothing beats an old classic slot game for the classic thrills, though.