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To download or not to download? That is the player's question

    Flash vs. Download slots -- The differences among casino games

    It’s true: Flash slot games are easier to play than the downloaded versions. It’s also a popular choice since it doesn’t take-up memory on your hard drive as much as the download would. Then again, for those who are serious players, many will admit that a downloaded slot game has better graphics and less internet traffic that can slow down a game. Depending on the kind of internet connection you might have, the pros and cons about this debate can go on forever. Here are some of the better points to be mentioned.

    Flash games allow an instant game to be played which is good for those who like to play games from their smartphone. Despite the lower graphic detail looking at a screen that is nearly the size of a credit card is not bad considering the detail is still top-notch. As long as you have constant connection to the source there won’t be an interruption to your game. There are great points to flash but the bad part is usually seen in the download time and lower sound quality. Even the customer support can be lower quality. Still, it’s faster and more popular than downloaded software casino games.

    Downloaded games have the highest quality and the bad part is it loads so much info that it can’t be taken anywhere easily. If you happen to have a laptop then it’s fine but for your smartphone? No way, it’s a waste of memory. Besides that, if you like playing on a big screen this is the best way to go. Excellent sound, graphics, and speed adds to the download version but does it really matter if you just like to play for fun anyway. Whichever you like, there is no doubt that flash rules the market.