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The truth about odds, strategy and pervasive beliefs about slots

    Slot machine myths -- Notes on odds, strategy, reality, etc.

    Many people think that there are certain slots that are looser than others. The fact of the matter is that all slot machines are running from the same kind of  programming that is all random. There aren’t games out there that have a proven method for winning everytime. If there were, the game designers and online casinos would be losing their money on certain games faster than others.

    Some games that include a strategy are all about using the odds presented by the game itself. Table games are a good example of this. Guessing where the ball will fall in the game of roulette is nearly the same kind of thinking since there is no way of telling where the ball will come to rest over the wheel containing 36 numbers plus a zero (if European roulette is being played): It is simply a game of chance that includes the options to cover many areas of probability on the table bets.

    In regards to casino slots, the machines will have all sorts of fancy-sounding stories that sound too good to be true. With this in mind, the computer cannot think on its own, it simply generates random numbers as this is the easiest form of programming that is offered. The luck is always with a player who can use their playing strategy in a game which allows them to have better odds in return.

    Even so, there are players who will walk away empty-handed while some play the first time and win huge amounts. It is all about luck and a bit of accidental curiousity that makes slot games hard to win for this reason. For every game there is risk involved and slot machines do not have cheating programs installed. They simply play as the game is intended to play.