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How do online slot tournaments work, exactly?

    Online slot game tournaments -- Sit-and-goes and scheduled

    Just as in other tournaments, there is a set time and date that the tounament takes place. With several games that are offered to suit your tastes there may be some small differences you will find compared to the pc versions, though the most important point of an online mobile tournament is to make sure you have plenty of time set aside for when it starts and finishes. You can pick the one that is best for your time.

    By choosing a ‘sit and go’ or a ‘scheduled’ tournament it’s always a good idea to make the most of which is best for you. Most people are choosing the scheduled tournaments since the prize pool is always bigger adding to the thrill of competing for the big jackpot.

    Sit-and-go tournaments are normally just a small group of people (perhaps no more than five per group) who play anytime to see the outcome of who did the best in a certain time. This can be anywhere from 10 minutes or so. Winners are determined by the winnings they won depending on the amount of coins they used and is the cheaper versions you can enter.

    The real thrills come from the big scheduled games where the winnings are higher and the entry fee is also more pricey. It draws a big crowd since the time allowed can hours up to days even. Bonuses involved with scheduled tournaments let you buy into the entry fee price to increase the stakes you’re playing for.