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Something for nothing -- That's the beauty of free spins in slot games

    Slots terms and expressions: Bonus rounds

    Bonus rounds come in many different forms when slot games are played. There are a multitude of bonus rounds that are offered. The most common is the bonus game that players can play when a certain combination of symbols activate the bonus game round. This usually allows the player to select from a group of symbols that have a hidden prize included. They can be everything from cash bonuses to free spins. There are also bonus rounds that are separate games that involve skills similar to shooting a target or in the case of classic slots there is a function that can allow a higher prize amount to be won for each correct game task they make.

    Bonus rounds are not limited to only modern slot games; they can be seen in nearly every classic slot, too. They aren’t as complex as the newer version but still provide the function to winning extra amounts in the game. A bonus round is essentially a game within the game. Every slot game will offer a version that suits the game itself.

    Even in the bonus round there are chances to win multipliers and respins. It’s always fun to have the bonus rounds since they provide the entire game with a short break full of surprises. There are even board-like games that the player can navigate through a course and collect more prizes along the way.