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Sports video slots - a top ten list for the the most sporty of slot fans

    Top ten video sports slots - the best performances of all time

    Top ten sports video slots are set to catch your attention to the latest and the greatest games online with a sports theme. Whether it's football, hockey, soccer, bowling, golf, Olympics or track and field that pumps your pulse, with a helpful top ten list players can quickly sort it all out. Video slots go wild with sporty themes from funny animals playing sports to real-life atheletes doing the real deal - enjoy top ten sports slots for the creme de la creme of sports fans. 

    Top ten video slots for sports – in our humble opinion

    Top ten sports video slots – football, soccer, baseball, basketball, Olympic-themed games and more. Play basketball, Olympic, football, golf, bowling, fishing and soccer video slots from our qualifying top ten recommendations. In the category of Olympic slots we vote for Olympia for those who like an ancient Olympic look from ancient Greece, as for basketball video slots, our vote goes out to Dennis Rodman – the Worms World and Jungle Games. Hot Shot and King of Swing for baseball games, Beauty and the Soccer Safari for soccer.

    So why Olympia? First off, the graphics are super sleek with a 3d look and feel in Olympia video slot. Our reviewers have given it a 100% thumbs up and for those who enjoy golden bowls of flaming fire and a possible empire of casino coins – time to light the reels. Almost every symbol in Olympia has a multiplier except for one.

    Dennis Rodman basketball slot may feel like an affront to basketball but it certainly is comical featuring mostly the stars undeniable ego. Still as the fiercest rebounder in the NBA, Dennis Rodman may still be your man. With actual images of the star himself in all his fashionable and not so fashionable forms – Dennis Rodman slot slam dunks a hoop on our top ten list.

    Jungle Games is a funny animal video slot that players will enjoy with African animals playing basketball. Excellent graphics, 3d style, crystal-clear sound and up to a 200,000 possible coin win, these African animals not only prefer basketball but are competing in an Olympic set of various games including weights, ping pong, swimming and boxing. Our player reviewers have only given it a 3 stars out of 5 but for originality and look, for special features like scatters and wilds, it deserves better.

    Hot Shot and King of Swing are two slots deserving of honorable mention in our top ten list for baseball video slots.  Players have given King of Swing 5 out of 5 and surprisingly Hot Shot only 3 out of 5. Both slots feature the real look and feel of what it means to be at a baseball game. King of Swing has some entertaining animations while Hot Shot has a $2,000 possible jackpot win. Each slot features all the usual baseball food and fanfare – get excited for slots with sports-themed games online.

    The Back Nine golf video slot is a great play with scatters, a skill-based bonus game and expanding wilds. Go for the green in the bonus round where every ball in one gives players top payouts. Payouts increase also with 4 or 5 scatters. Hole in Won The Back Nine golf slot is an addictive game as players will soon discover.

    Alley Cats video slot meets our top ten requirements as an entertaining and lucrative game play on our list.  For cat lovers this is the fancy feast of funny felines. Centre Court, a golf slot machine meets our top ten bar with an excellent bonus round, trophy substitutes and free spins. Graphics and sound are good and for tennis fans, players will be ready to serve up the reels with a quick flip of the wrist. 

    Finally football, last but not least, Beauty and the Nerd is a funny, football high-school scene with a Beauty and Beast theme but with a nerd instead of a beast. It's a comical 3D slot with hilarious bonus rounds like a pick em' bonus and a click me game. Like Jungle Games, Soccer Safari is another African animal funny sports slot. These African animals are playing soccer solely and the Microgaming team is vamping up to bring home the G-O-A-L for players.


    Dennis Rodman

    Jungle Games

    Hot Shot

    King of Swing

    Beauty and the Nerd

    Soccer Safari

    The Back Nine

    Alley Cats

    Centre Court