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Top ten funny animal slots, so cute and cuddly

    Funny animals slots – lions, tigers and bears, oh my!

    Top ten video slots, as for funny animal varieties there are more than could ever be compiled in a top ten list, still, we're narrowing it down to ten of what we perceive as some of the best. According to funny, according to savvy, according to playability – these are the top funny video slots.

    EggOMatic, funny egg-laying hens electrify the reels in this egg-factory themed game

    EggOMatic features a rooster bent on making sure his factory of chickens lays enough bonus eggs for players to find satisfaction in every spin. Everyone looks a bit sleepy and overworked but you would expect such would be the case with mechanical chicks perched on an electric wire forced to lay eggs day and night. It may be a bit odd but then that's part of what makes the game so funny. Players are sure to find EggOMatic video slot tickling their funny bone, a game also with wild roosters and electrified wins and loveable hens. Chick varieties vary in color and size and so do prizes with golden eggs that run down a conveyor belt and multiply wins on corresponding reels.  Eggs from the conveyor belt above the reels activate when a wild rooster symbol appears. Spreading wild eggs appear in free spins games and turn all adjacent and diagonal symbols into wild symbols for added wins.

    Rango, movie-based video slot machine, comedy in cartoons

    Rango progressive jackpot slot, based on the movie includes the main characters from the film and is one of Isoftbet's largest paying progressive slot which is hardly a laughing matter but certainly the characters are. That hilarious chameleon is back with a ridiculous narrow neck and googly eyes. The Jackpot is won when players spin the jackpot symbol 5x on an active payline and currently the jackpot is in the tens of thousands! If you haven't seen the movie you may wonder what kind of animals are Rango's friends. Rango the sheriff, his silver star are the free spin triggering symbols and will win players not only free spins but between 2x and 8x the winnings. Not bad for a goofy set of comic characters!

    Guess the gender of the next chick in Run Chicken Run comic slot

    Run Chicken Run video slot has a big jackpot of 10,000.00 for a small parcel of goofy looking chickens some with bows, pig tails, Greek-leafed crowns and headbands. The funniest part of the game is in the bonus round where the hen painfully pushes out eggs where players try and guess the correct gender of the next egg. Find 2 to 5 golden eggs anywhere on the reels and multiply Egg Pot rewards exponentially. Bonus brown and white hens will start the 'Guess Who?' bonus game and a wild basket of eggs replaces all other symbols except for the bonus game and the Egg Pots. Egg pots are funny too where player look to find 'golden eggs' to win 25 times the Egg Pot.

    Bird watchers and slot spinners are birds of a feather in Feathered Frenzy

    Feathered Frenzy video slot is made up of a comical cast of birds:  cardinals, owlets, owls, toucans, blue birds, green parrots and one large, golden scatter egg. Win up to a possible 160 free spins where skies the limit as to what prizes each and every spin can reveal. All birds are capable of dancing a jig when they land an active payline.  The golden scatter egg triggers a hilarious bonus round and wild It's addictive fun for both bird watchers and slot lovers. Win up to 10,000x an original win with  or more golden owlets. All wild wins are doubled. 3 or more scatter eggs wins 15 free spins! Fly high with Feathered Frenzy!

    Release the dogs from the pound in Dog Ca$her with collected keys

    Dog Ca$her is a video slot with a comical dog catching theme where players spin to collect keys to free dogs that have been caught by the Dog Ca$her. The Dog Ca$her is wild and substitutes for dogs, dog carriers, and dog dishes. Bonus key scatters anywhere on the dog pound screen will win players a key to be saved. Collect 3 in all and unlock the dogs and receive free spins – win between 5 and 15 free spins depending on the number of dog catchers!Play in a click me game as well! Dogs are cute, play is entertaining with fun-loving pooches.

    A dopey dinosaur adds to the fun in Jack's T-Rex funny animal slot

    Jack's T-Rex, a funny animal slot, although extinct, an animal nonetheless brought back to life because of a secret government science experiment, Jack the farmer boy loves his new pet and doesn't want to give him back.  Whatever Jack's T-Rex's name is, he hatches from a very small egg and grows bigger than the barn. The T-Rex likes to watch the reels spin and encourage players to keep spinning and Jack's T-Rex comes alive as a wild when he substitutes for all other base game symbols but only on the 3rd reel. Free spin games are offered along with extra free spins in the free spins game. More cute than funny, Jack's T-Rex is more goofy than scary but will still charm players while they spin for cash.

    Frog Royale is the old story of the frog and the princess, comic slot romance

    Frog Royale, it's comedy video slot in 3d where a princess and a frog court one another based on the classic story the Frog and the Princess. Collect golden balls on the 5 reels and turn the princess and the frogs romance into reality.  Collect 3 golden balls in one basket and win a special prize. The princess in a bonus symbol and will award players between 10 and 30 free spins! If all that wasn't enough to get you to croak for slots, try twin royal thrones, another scatter symbol in the free spins game that wins players even more free spins, again between 10 and 30 depending on the number of thrones spun. Play in a double up game and win instant prizes in a click me game. Either way you play it, kissing frogs to find prince charming is comical business.

    World-traveling bugs is a silly idea but funny nonetheless in Travel Bug slot

    Travel Bug video slot has been around for a while but yet it hasn't lost it's comical charm in the slots world and slot players are still enjoying its fun sound effects, music and characters. It's an addictive and hilarious buggy slot with world-traveling bugs. If bugs don't make your skin crawl the game is filled with a cloud of ladybug infestations with every spin but these bugs are too cute to pass up. In fact, you may just fall in love with bugs for the first time playing Travel Bug video game for casino coins and cash. 3 or more passports and it's time to Travel the World with these very worldly and funny bugs. Jet around the world and collect passport stamps for fun but for real money in real play. Click and pick a particular airline and get transported to a soon to be revealed destination and have your passport stamped.

    Evolution video slot, funny creature casino game with evolving animals

    For some of you you may be wondering why Evolution is on the list, a bunch of gooey, watery prehistoric creatures may not qualify as animals in your book but they do in ours. The do actually have made-up names:  Draconius rex, Basilisk pluma, Basilisk haircus, Bestia dentum, Albus slugus. This video slot may begin with the word strange but it's bizarre qualities qualify it just the same as a funny creature game. It may look a bit sci-fi but these animals are the best of funky fun especially with a win up to 44,000 coins, free spins, and an evolution feature where players get to watch animals evolve into other creatures. It may not be hilarious, per se, but it certainly is fun!

    Pub Crawler funny bug video slot with all types of buggy patrons

    Funny animal video slot, Pub Crawler, funny bug, bar patrons infest the reels since 2006 with lager drinking cockroaches, ladybug waitresses, bug-eyed flies, Merlot-drinking grasshoppers, poker playing spiders, hornet pool players and martini-drinking caterpillars. Things get rather creepy with a cockroach drop icon, a scorpion muscle bug free spins trigger, a wild butterfly bartender and the jackpot poker playing spider. The bonus round is rather comical with a gas-mask wearing hornet looking to shoot a corner pocket. The cockroach is the angry, patron ready to start a bar fight. If bugs don't make your skin crawl and you can tolerate it, the game is a comical spin on what life would be like if insects frequented bars in this anthropomorphizing bug blast.

    Again, our list of top ten funny animal video slots include:

    Run Chicken Run
    Feathered Frenzy
    Dog Ca$her
    Jack's T-Rex
    Frog Royale
    Travel Bug
    Pub Crawlers