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Bonus rounds - Get more for your slots-playing money

    Big payouts and action: free slot games with bonus rounds

    The most exciting bit of any video slots game – and the one in which big-name software companies seem to invest most man-hours these days – is certainly entering a bonus round. This is definitely one area in which the online version of the one-armed bandit excels over its real-life competitor.

    While some slots may bill a reward of free spins as a “bonus round,” we’ll consider here only those bonus rounds which move the action of the video slot into a different screen altogether and where the rules of slot games no longer apply.

    Bonus rounds are sometimes difficult to describe in detail, but when you see one and play one, you know what a bonus round is.  A somewhat recent addition to the slot world, bonus rounds have piggybacked on the available technology and taken a leap forward in the gaming industry.  Usually, but not limited to 5-reel slots, these games usually show up as a second screen, which basically takes the player away from the basic reel game to the bonus screen. In these screens, the player will encounter anything and everything between pick and win and mini games.

    What really makes the bonus rounds special is the ability of the player to interact with the game and to some degree decide his or her fate.  Although there is no skill involved, these rounds are good opportunities to win some real money and take a break from the grind of watching the reels spin by all day.  Each bonus round provides a scenario connected to the theme of the game while trying to use the latest technology and graphics to enhance the experience.

    In my opinion, the 3D slot provides the best experience for bonus rounds, and as the technology increases, it should be an experience not to be missed.