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Classic slots: Three reels of high-tech and nostalgia

Classic slot machines – 3-reel fruit machines

Classic slot games – even in the 21st-century online casino – are those games created in the style of the old-school one-armed bandits, i.e. those with three reels. Symbols in these games often (but not always) are the traditional fruit, lucky 7s, BARs and the like. The number of paylines is most frequently one, but three-payline and five-payline games also exist.

A few classic slots have incorporated modern enhancements to the video slots experience, such as video bonus rounds and progressive jackpots, but most will take you back a decade or three to the days when slot games dominated the pub…

With the introduction of the 5 reeled video slot and all that goes along with them, it’s hard to believe that the classic slot still holds a place in the gaming world.  Saying that the competition is fierce is a bit of an under-statement with regard to the online gaming world.  Despite this, classic slots have remained very popular in both the online slots and land based games.

There is no perfect definition of a classic slot, especially with the technology becoming such a big art of video slots, but it usually refers to just a 3 reeled game with no bonuses, free spins or added features.  Many people view the added features as a distraction to playing slots and see these games as more of a video game than a slot.  Of course there are exceptions to the “rule” but at what point is a slot no longer a classic slot?  I don’t have the answer as it’s all based on opinion and conjecture.

Unfortunately there is no getting away from the technology as even the classic slots can’t run away from this growth industry.  With the advent of online slots, even the most classic of slots is exposed to colorful graphics and built-in technology.  While we will never go back to the true one armed bandits in the local saloon, we can still experience that enjoyable and simple fun of the 3 reeled game of yesteryear.

Many classic slots are available with progressive jackpots bearing huge payouts as well. But even without the tease of millions of dollars to be won, VideoSlotsDirect maintains that classic slots are tons of fun.