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Watch the video slot reels turn in free spins rounds

    Free spins slots – Video slots with free games as bonus round

    The be-all and end-all for many video slots online is the promise of free spins; nearly every decent such casino game these days at least promises some free play with a lucky turn of the reels. Once the lucky player lands the right combination, he/she can simply sit back and watch the reels go ‘round and ‘round while the coins pile up in the virtual tray.

    Although Free Spins are exactly what they say they are, there is much more to it than a few spins of the reel without spending any money.  In some basic games it will be just a few free spins with the hope of winning more money.  In many other cases, especially the 3D slots and movie themed games, the free spins come with an array of bonuses.  On top of having the usual 3, 4 or 5 free spins, there are some games that offer up to 50 and more spins. 

    Features include but are not limited to scatters, multipliers, special wilds, retriggering and jackpots.  It’s not unusual for the newer games to offer not just a different number of free spins, but provides the player with the ability to pick how many free spins they want.  Not as simple as it sounds as each number contains different bonus features which will occur during this mode.  An example could be 20 free spins without any bonus features or 10 free spins withwilds, expanding wilds and multipliers.

    As someone who has experience with online slots, you will hopefully figure out which games offer the best and most variety of free spins.  Sometimes it’s not the quantity that counts the most but the quality.  Be sure to read the information pertaining to each game so that you can choose which one is best for you.