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Jackpot slots: Tens of thousands to millions to win on one spin

Progressive jackpot slots – Video slot games with big prizes

Progressive slots are those creators of dreams about million-dollar (or –Euro or –pounds sterling) jackpots, about hitting the big one for a life-changing win. Though not all progressive jackpots are measured in seven figures, at the very least the lucky winner stands to gain tens of thousands.

Though the rarest type of video slot, progressive games naturally remain popular year ‘round, with several titles having maintained their popularity for years. Please see below for VideoSlotsDirect’s collection of progressive jackpot slots games – and may we wish you the best of luck in chasing the dream.

In terms of winning the big money, progressive slots are the games to play.  The good news is that progressive slots are just an extra added feature that games offer the player to make money.  In other words, every slot game that has a progressive jackpot has all the other features that a video slot game has.  It is not a replacement for any feature, just another one where you can make money.  The bad news is that because of its large payout, the chances of winning the jackpot are exceptionally high.

Online casinos are in the business to make money, and no matter how many bonus features they offer and ways to win, the odds are always in their favor.  Of course there is a lot of smoke and mirrors, but the only reason they offer the progressive jackpot is to gain more players.  Casinos are not altruistic and will do everything they can to take your money.  With that being said, there is absolutely no harm in searching for the ultimate progressive jackpot.  I see progressive slots as just a cherry on top of the sundae and as long as you are winning, you are in good shape!  Be sure to go the Live Slots Direct channels and click on the progressive channel to see what’s available.  Remember that when you play for free, the progressive jackpot is not in operation.

In progressive slots, all players who wager in the given video slot are actually contributing a tiny fraction to the progressive jackpot pool. It may only be pennies on the dollar, but at a popular slot, this small change adds up to a lot.