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Video slot game features

  • Sizzling PeppersSizzling Peppers
  • Bank or PrankBank or Prank
  • Van Pelts Wild AdventuresVan Pelts Wild Adventures
  • Sisters of LuckSisters of Luck
  • The Mad GeniusThe Mad Genius
  • Merlin's ElementsMerlin's Elements
  • Coco BongoCoco Bongo
  • MatineeMatinee
  • The CrittersThe Critters
  • Spin to RideSpin to Ride

Slot machine features explained

Unlike the one-armed-bandits of the old West, video slots are a revolutionary step in the world of online gambling. More than just a pull of the arm or lever, these new video slots are full of features, bonuses and whatever else the software developers can come up with. Sometimes their thinking is focused on the “more is better” philosophy and keep trying to dump more bells and whistles into the games. With that being said, even though these games are loaded with features, most are easy to play and can be understood with a bit of time invested.

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